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Road to COP26 // Innovation Grant Programme




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The Road to COP26 Innovation Grant Programme aims to support the development of new, exciting and innovative ideas for sustainable businesses in Nepal that harness nature-based and craft-related solutions to promote positive environmental impacts and climate change resilience. The programme supports ideas in craft and related sectors that empower the most vulnerable people who are first to feel the effects of climate change.


Sustainability necessitates equity. By relaying benefits down the ranks—to all, we can improve quality of live unhindered by socio-economic barriers.


Market economy defines our modern society and makes profit generation an important prerequisite to sustaining any solution.


Extracting resources in a manner that allows for recovery and regeneration is key to preserving raw materials for future use.


Delivering larger ambitions beyond economic gains is required to rewire our current value system to put sustainability at the heart of our dealings.

Our Incubatees

Our call for incubator event had an overwhelming response but we were able to selected only 38 teams and individuals for our incubator event conducted in 14-16/19-21 April 2021. Click the link on images to know more about our incubatees.

Suyam Baidhya


Suman Rai

Sudarshan KC


Shristi Adhikari

Saroj Shrestha

Sano Paila

Samsara Creation

Rabina Lama




Mriganka Saloni


Kasturi Ghar

Kaguno Biscuits

Janakpur Women’s Development Centre

Insight Publication

Himalayan Lush

Green Decision Labs

Fashion Revolution Nepal

Alina & Aman


Doshro Paila

Doko Recyclers

Dev Narayan Mandal

Abhiyan Agro

Bhawana Tulachan

Back to the Earth

Anu Lama

Ananta Acharya






Dhiraj Manandhar

The Incubator Event explored these important processes.


Design Thinking

Documentation Tools

Problem Framing

Nature-Based Solutions

Craft-Related Solutions




User Testing


Planet, People and Purpose



Road to COP26 / GRANTEES

We bow down to lift marginalized group and rise by lifting them.


An insightful and intensive opportunity to better understand and learn the interrelations between people, planet and business.

An Incubatee (From our anonymous feedback session)


This was my first experience in a grant incubator with international professionals from reputed institutes. Needless to say I was quite in awe the whole time, but quickly got familiar with the mentors and enjoyed the new learnings overall.

Anonymous / Incubator Event Participant


I learned to look at a bigger context after the incubator program. Now I am able to develop the concept of a viable enterprise with long-term growth.

Aman Shahi, Grantee

“It will take collective will and action to tackle climate change. Creativity and innovation will be key to developing solutions. Creative sectors have immense potential to contribute to climate action, so a platform to support creative responses is timely and necessary.”

Nischal Oli Head of Arts | British Council Nepal

"It was my first time for such a skill developing incubation session where we were facilitated by representatives of renowned universities and organizations." For me it was a complete new experience especially in terms of the technical learnings to shape up our business idea (miro board, craft tool kit). I believe that this learning from incubation session is going to help me not just to shape up our business idea but also in other aspect of life.

Anonymous / Incubator Event Participant


'During the Road to COP26 Incubator Event we saw ideas embracing nature-based and craft-related solutions develop significantly to embed people, planet and purpose throughout every aspect and stage of the businesses to work towards climate change resilience in Nepal and beyond.'

Helen Voce - Facilitator Advisor - AAS / Incubator Mentor

I believe that, as designers, any product you want to bring to the world should be environmentally friendly and contribute to a sustainable future. They have the power to make choices that determine the impact a product has on the environment throughout its life cycle, and thus find ways to minimize harm on the planet.

Bhawana Tulachan / Grantee

Case Studies

Creatively addressing global issues like climate change through innovation and entrepreneurship.


Road to COP26 // Innovation Grant Programme 2021 // Nepal
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