Congratulations to our final grantees who have been selected through a rigorous process involving over 14 panel members.
Road to COP26 / Innovation Grant Programme 2021 Team
Dhiraj Manandhar
Aayusha, Tracy & Yangchen
Bhawana Tulachan
Team Members
Alina Manandhar
Alina & Aman
Tekka Team

We bow down to lift marginalized group and rise by lifting them.


I learned to look at a bigger context after the incubator program. Now I am able to develop the concept of a viable enterprise with long-term growth.

Aman Shahi, Grantee

I believe that, as designers, any product you want to bring to the world should be environmentally friendly and contribute to a sustainable future. They have the power to make choices that determine the impact a product has on the environment throughout its life cycle, and thus find ways to minimize harm on the planet.

Bhawana Tulachan / Grantee

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