We are a team of mechanical engineering students currently studying in fourth year at Kathmandu University. We did our internship at the Design Lab of Kathmandu University under a program called ‘Crafting Futures’ in which we had to use engineering minds to help people working in the craft industries and make their work easier and productive.


Residing in Kathmandu, seeing lots of handmade crafts and cultural diversity, we all were interested in craft sectors for a long time. We also had a topic in our course named ‘Traditional Machines and were fascinated to know a lot from there. Since all of us are affected by climate change in so many ways, we aspire to contribute from the outside to help minimize the effects using the knowledge we have over these years at our University.

Aashish Shrestha
Sajan Satyal
Sauharda Sigdel
Shreya Acharya
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