Pyangaun / Alina & Aman

Pyangaun is a small settlement,a part of the Godawari Municipality, is 14 km south of Kathmandu. Pyangaun gets its name from the pyang bamboo containers which is their signature handicraft. Until some decades ago, the craftsmanship of making bamboo containers in maana and pathi measures was very popular. However, owing to a lack of cultural and economic understanding, the tradition is now on the verge of extinction. The key goal of this project is to foster Pyangaun culture while also empowering women and youths in general. This work focuses on the disappearing bamboo-craft culture. This project aims to highlight, preserve, document and explore on introducing new products to keep the craft alive and save the dying heritage of Pyangaun. 

Alina Manandhar // Presenting myself as a responsible Kathmandu resident i would like to explore traditional Nepalese culture. 
I am presently working as a senior creative designer of Zippo Nepal and have been working on my own base mark as a founder and designer- Jhipi, which act upon like a messenger to spread the knowledge about our culture through graphical illustration artwork and set to produce uniquely designed products working on different projects with various communities and create employment opportunity concerning maximum utilization of local resources, manpower and craftsmanship.I am a keen individual for changes and adoption to any challenges. I forecast challenges as an opportunity for our community.


Aman Shahi // I am a Kathmandu based Photographer and Graphic Designer. For my undergraduate thesis, I took up a project on 'The folk art of Pyang-a bamboo craft and its role in preserving the cultural identity and livelihood of Pyangaun, Lalitpur District'. I was very inspired by the craft and culture of the village hence I want to support the community and environment by exploring and pushing the boundaries of existing bamboo craft and processes.
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