Peace Nepal Dot Com

Peace Nepal Dot Com is a design and IT firm that offers a wide range of services, from concept to design and production of custom software applications, as well as maintenance and upgrades to existing applications. The majority of office workers are designer, software developer, and from marketing background. Our team consists of three participants Anusha Thapa (Designer), Pranaya Dhakhwa (Designer) and Rajani Maharjan (Marketing Lead).

One of the thing that was surprisingly similar in most of us was we come from families that had worked on craft sector. However, none of us are actually working or know little to nothing about what our forefather did. As team we are aware about the values of arts and culture present in our society /community. Our own ancestral skills are forgotten with time. This is the story of many more communities. If we don’t work toward preserving the skill sets it will be forgotten forever. The most common mistakes we have seen in local products are the lack of new products that meets the current user need and taste, also the unconscious packaging which has added a lot to landfills and rivers.

The key mission of KAYAKALPA is to collaborate with our craftsmen from all over Nepal to introduce creativity in design while preserving conventional practices, promote skills transfer, and ensuring that the authenticity of the goods provided to our valued customers remains intact. With the design-driven approach, strong business strategy and sound technological background we aim to create both meaningful opportunity and consumer satisfaction.

Anusha Thapa
Pranaya Dhakhwa
Rajani Maharjan
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