I am the Director of Nepal Knotcraft Centre dedicated to transforming weaving skills in Nepali communities. I am also involved in research, documentation, promotion, and conservation of the nation’s diverse living heritage, especially indigenous skills and knowledge.

Weaving is a part of the unique beauty and soul of rural Nepal. The skill however, is dying. I can’t imagine Nepal without weaving.  It keeps us entwined in our culture and nature. Nepal can greatly capitalize on their weaving skills.

Traditional craftsmanship is neglected and left behind. By updating weaving crafts with central management, promotional, technical and design services, I want to inspire the next generation to pursue weaving as a sustainable upcoming industry with serious financial growth potential



Sushila Singh is an artist who believes that a paper and a pen is enough for her expression in art. ‘Pen and Ink,’ her first ever art exhibition and ‘Cosmic Shades’, one of her most successful art exhibitions, showcased her lines and shaded on canvas.

She soon fell in love with clay and ink and her third and fourth exhibitions featured her arts on ceramics. She believes an art takes its form with a timely response to the calling. She wants to transfer her ideas and knowledge to the communities and show them the possibilities of creativity.



Dibeev is an entrepreneur with strong determination and business operations management skills. He has been working in the handicraft sector for the past 9 years and has developed keen eye for artistic craft. He has a start-up of manufacturing all natural soaps. His love for experimentation has helped him with adapting to any changes and help his stakeholders. He is a quick learner with the ability to multitask and a keen eye for technology.

He has researched and evaluated the production system for handicraft producers and helped improvise and upscale production process in collaboration with international clients.

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