Narendra Chaudhary and Raju Shrestha

We, Narendra Chaudhary and Raju Shrestha, are fourth-year students studying Mechanical Engineering at Kathmandu University. We are very much interested in arts as our one member, Narendra is a design student of Mechanical Engineering and we both have worked as wall artist for Paints Nepal. As Mechanical Engineering Students, we aspire to bring innovations to solve the problem of climate change and as a first step, one of our members, Narendra is working on a project at Green Hydrogen Lab of Kathmandu University which is working in the scenario to decarbonize the emissions by replacing the use of fossil fuels by hydrogen technology. So, we can say we both are nature-loving Engineers.

We want to modernize our traditional bamboo handicrafts and want to give those craftsmen a market for them to survive through a better business plan. We also want to promote tourism through our business model. If we are successful in our endeavor, we will also help to bring greenery to nature through the farming of bamboo.

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