Shristi Adhikari

My name is Shristi Adhikari. I am a Bachelor Student pursuing my Bachelor in Agriculture Science at ‘Agriculture and Forestry University’, Chitwan. From the past 2 years, I have been working as an ‘Art Director’ at Climates Nepal. Being an Agriculture Student and Climate activists, my major interest is in ‘Gender and Climate Change’. Belonging to a country where around 66.6% people depend on agriculture, among that also more than 50% farmers are female farmers, still policymakers and academics are invisible towards the contribution of female farmers. Furthermore, Nepal is also listed as the 4th most vulnerable countries hit by climate change. In such a case, it is obvious that climate change has a direct impact on the agriculture sector and primary farmers i.e.female farmers are affected the most. So, my idea is to empower the female farmers by giving them the training on scientific methods of farming that can cope with climate change so that their production can be boosted with 20-30% every year and they can be financially independent from their own production.

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