Basanta Maharjan, President, Insight Publication Pvt. Ltd.

Basanta Maharjan is journalist turned researcher and writer. After completing his master’s degree in Nepalese History, Culture and archaeology, he is working on research and writing. Till now he has published thousands of articles on various news papers, magazines, Journals and Books. He has written and published 9 books. He has traveled through various parts of Nepal and studied about the different societies and cultures.

As being an expert of Nepalese Culture, obliviously craft is a part of his interest, craft is not only an object of product but it tells about history and knowledge of concerned community, so it is also a tool to study.

He believes that there are a lot of things beyond knowing things about craft. So after studying on craft it can open a market for entrepreneurship as handicraft business. And also these craft can be preserved.

Amika Rajthala, Managing Director

Amika Rajthala is Managing director of Insight Publications Pvt. Ltd., is registered in the Office of the Registrar of Companies, Kathmandu in 2009. It is a company engaged in the study, research and publication of Nepalese history, culture, and heritage. Actually, culture and archeology of various religions and communities is one of the key interest of the Company and it has also experience of organizing interaction programs on culture issues, and publishing books and newspapers (Hasana Magazine and Newa Times Weekly) covering these topics. So far, it has published 10 books and brought them to the market. Among 10 books, four books have been included in the textbook reference material of Lumbini Buddhist University.

Amika Rajthala is a journalist with 24 years long experience of journalism career. She was Editor of Hasana Magazine and former President of Working Women Journalist, WWJ. She has edited a Biography book “Prathm tatha agraj Nepali Mahilaharu” which was published by National women commission and “Preranadayi Mahilaharu” (Two series) which was published by Motidevi Smriti Kendra. She has written many cultural articles and cultural handicraft articles from women economic empowerment perspective. She is showing her craft interest from her journalistic skill.

From craft project we want to study of cultural craft of different ethnicity, documentation, dissemination via book publication, article publication, documentary making and broadcasting them.


Shobha Manandhar

Shobha Manandhar is a TV journalist/documentary filmmaker with a decade long experience and variety of exposure. She is a passionate and dedicated professional who have made more than 300 video/reports/documentaries that well reflects her expertise. She finds researching, narrating and directing an equal importance while making video documentaries.  While she has covered diverse issues, her work in art and culture attempts to excavate deep lying problems, highlights the need for conservation of art and cultural heritages that are on the brink of extinction and alerts us to save them before it’s too late. Documentary on Gufa culture, building new structures retaining old art and design at Patan, Kaancha Kapaali and Sahanai are some of her efforts in sector of art and culture.

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