Sudarshan KC

Sudarshan KC is the inventor of the Low temperature thermal plant that can convert the mass available low temperature heat to usable energy i.e. electricity. The plant has a high efficiency of conversion, can use the low temperature sources and requires low initial cost for its development. The clean sources can be best utilized for the achievement of the Net-Zero targets of carbon emission and even Zero targets through the invented technology. The technology can be utilized for the carbon capture, cooling of the water bodies, using of the waste heat, air filtration amongst others. The cost of storage is also highly reduced with the use of the technology. The invention has been filed in more than 25 Patent Offices covering more than 60 countries of all 6 continents.

He is also the Founder of Nepal Solar Thermal and Clean Energy Power Pvt. Ltd.   The company uses the technology for the development of the plant, generation of clean energy, transfer of the technology, etc. “Clean Energy Clean Environment” is the motto of the company and the company mostly promotes the “Green Industrialization”.

The company is in start-up phase and is in the process of finalizing the piloting of a plant for the generation of the electricity and distilled water amongst others. After the piloting phase the company will work in the achievement of net zero targets for the companies using coal and fossil fuels as a source of heat. The waste heat will be utilized for captive use.

The company will also initiate its work in the transformation of the companies to achieve the zero targets by the use of the energies from the clean sources to a full extent.

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