Himalayan Lush

Inspired by the Paris Climate Accord and our commitment not to harm the environment led us to establish the Himalayan Lush Industry. The industry’s sole purpose is to make disposal Tableware by using naturally fallen Areca Leaf/Sheath. Leaf/Sheaths were washed with clean water and pressing the Leaf/Sheath into the desired shape under desired heat during the process. The manufacturing process is environmentally friendly. 

LUSH tableware is only composed of the dried Leaf/Sheath without losing its natural virgin form. LUSH tableware made from 100% natural renewable resources is bio-degradable and compostable for zero waste. LUSH products come from nature and after use, will return to nature. Every step of the way on the environmental sustainability journey, the Himalayan Lush Industry likes to make smaller impressions to reduce the carbon footprint of heavenly earth. By manufacturing these products, we are aiming for economic development and advancement of the local and rural area society as well as to take advantage of the available resources which are known to be waste. We believe in waste is a waste of wealth and resources. We are working towards establishing the Nepali Leaf tableware brand internationally and setting a goal to replace at least 6 million plastic tableware every year. It is our responsibility to connect society to our commitment; to the issues; to the process and the impacts of course people each other.


Shyam Bahadur Basnet
Ashok M Kapali
Gokul Prasai
Shyam Prasai
Rajan Pokhrel
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